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National Theatre Refurb

The National Theatre is my favourite building to photograph and visit in London. Architects Haworth Tompkins have been refurbishing the theatre over the last few years, initially adding a new theatre space The Shed which opened in Spring 2013. They have recently finished opening up the interior space with new restaurants and bars being added, and the final part to be completed is the eduction centre and remodelling of the Cottesloe theatre. I was a little bit apprehensive of the new work as I was so fond of the original building and layout but the architects have done an amazing job to keep the feel of the original grandeur and brut of the building but bring it up to date and work in this day and age. With my photography I wanted to capture the exterior and details of the building with it's new areas that have been opened up and the new signage which is based on the original typography used. Below are a few photographs from the shoot and the rest of the project can be see